My Sault Ste. Marie eServices Help

My Sault Ste. Marie eServices Questions

Is My Sault Ste. Marie eServices mobile friendly?

Yes, the My Sault Ste. Marie eServices website will resize and reshape itself to work well on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Is there an app for My Sault Ste. Marie eServices?

At this time, there are no My Sault Ste. Marie eServices apps. You can however make My Sault Ste. Marie eServices function similar to an app by adding it to your phone's home screen.

User Account Questions

Do I need an account to use My Sault Ste. Marie eServices?

No, you do not require an account to use My Sault Ste. Marie eServices. You can still view property tax information, order open air burning permits, and process tickets without an account.

Creating a My Sault Ste. Marie eServices account does have some benefits.

  • With a user account, you can save settings, including links to your properties.
  • You can view receipt information for previous payments.

How do I change my email address?

Your email address is used as your account identifier, and cannot be changed. If your email address has changed, you can delete the old account and create a new one.

How do I change my password?

After logging into My Sault Ste. Marie eServices, click on your email address at the top of the page to go to the Account Maintenance area.

How secure is my password?

Your password is as secure as you make it. When choosing a password, you are encouraged to select something that only you, the account holder, know. It is good practice to use a long password that is unique and is made up of a combination of letters and numbers.

Your password is saved using a one-way 160-bit hash. This means that we do not know what your password is, nor can we determine what it is.

I received a message saying that my access has been temporarily blocked. What does that mean?

To prevent attacks on the system, behaviours determined to be malicious are tracked. A malicious event may include entering an incorrect password at logon, or entering an invalid roll number / access code combination when adding a property to your account. If a series of malicious events have been detected, access to My Sault Ste. Marie eServices may be temporarily blocked. Please try again in an hour or two.

Ordering Questions

Is there any user fee or convenience fee applied to My Sault Ste. Marie eServices transactions?

No. The cost of a transaction processed through the My Sault Ste. Marie eServices website is the same as the cost in person at a City facility.

What is the billing address? Why is it required, and what is it used for?

The billing information is the contact details the person processing the transaction. In the event of a transaction error, the billing information may be used to contact the cardholder.

What is the shipping address? Why is it required, and what is it used for?

The shipping information is the contact details for the recipient of the service. This may vary from the billing information when the cardholder is paying for a service that will be used by someone else.

For example, a parent may pay for a Police Record Check for their dependent. In that case, the billing contact would be parent, and the shipping contact would be the dependent.

Most items ordered through My Sault Ste. Marie eServices are not shipped, and be received through the My Sault Ste. Marie eServices website.

What is the refund policy?

Because of the nature of most transactions on this website, all transactions are final and there are no refunds. If an error was made, please contact the appropriate department by phone to have the issue resolved.

How secure is my credit card information?

Credit card payments are processed by Moneris, a trusted and secure third-party payment provider. The City of Sault Ste. Marie never has access to the cardholder's credit card number or expiry date.

Property Tax Questions

How many properties can I link to one My Sault Ste. Marie eServices account?

You can link as many properties as you like to your account. There is no limit.

I do not know the information required to connect to my Property Tax details. How can I find that out?

You will need to visit the Tax Office with proper identification and proof of ownership.

I own a property with another person. Can we each have the property linked to our distinct My Sault Ste. Marie eServices accounts?

No. A property can only be linked to one account at a time.

I have just become the owner of a property. How can I ensure the previous owner does not have access to my property information?

When property owner information is updated by the Tax Office, the access code corresponding to the property is changed as well. This breaks the linkage between the previous owner's account and the property record, allowing the new owner to claim it.

I am sure I'm entering the roll number and access code correctly from my tax bill, but am still unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong?

  • Has the property owner information changed since the tax bill was issued? If so, the access code may have changed as well.
  • Are you using the access code from a supplementary bill? You must use the access code from the main tax bill, not from a supplementary bill.
  • Is there another owner of the property that currently has the property associated with their account? Each property can only be assocated with one My Sault Ste. Marie eServices account.

Can I make a payment through the My Sault Ste. Marie eServices website?

No. However there are many payment options available. See the Property Tax website for details.

Open Air Burning Permit Questions

I want to purchase an Open Air Burning Permit, but the property is not in my available list. How can I order a Burning Permit?

If you are unable link the property to your My Sault Ste. Marie eServices account using your latest tax bill, you can still order an Open Air Burning Permit. Call Fire Services at (705) 949-9898 for details.

The status of my Open Air Burning Permit that is displayed is incorrect. What's the matter?

Open Air Burning Permit statuses are maintained in a separate system. On occasion, it is possible that the status displayed on the website may be incorrect, due to a error in record matching. To confirm the current status of Open Air Burning on your property, or to correct a discrepancy, contact Fire Services at (705) 949-9898.

Parking Ticket Questions

Why can't I pay my parking ticket online?

Certain parking tickets cannot be paid online. These include tickets that have already been paid, and tickets that have been convicted as a result of late payment. To clarify the reason, contact the Parking Enforcement division for more information at (705) 759-5320.